Dragon Ball GT: The official site for the series. Features include news, character profiles, episode summaries, fan works and a store. Some sections of this site require Flash 6

Escaflowne Fanart in Japan: High quality fan works including images, comics, dolls, desktop wallpapers, and web graphics

Graviton City: Reviews, FAQ, Links and fan works about the Project A-ko series

Gundam Official.com: Official website for Gundam saga created by Bandai Entertainment, with character and mecha profiles plus detailed information on Gundam models and action figures

Hitoshi Doi's Hime-chan no Ribbon Encyclopedia: Voice actor information, character profiles and a toy inventory

Hitoshi Doi's Nurse Angel Ririka SOS Encyclopedia: Comprehensive site providing information on the characters, episodes, merchandise, and voice actors

Laputa: Castle in the Sky: Tenku no shiro Rapyuta: Movie information, illustrated synopsis, music, wallpaper, screensaver, images, and shopping guide

Lost Universe Database: Character profiles, ship list and information, multimedia, synopses, list of other works by Kanzaka Hajime and links

Macross Mecha Designs: Information and images of the various mecha used in Macross. Also a FAQ and some links

Nausicaa.net: Information, articles and resources on this film, the director and studio, and other works they have done, by Team Ghiblink

Prettyboy From Hell: Shrine dedicated to Dilandau Albatou featuring an image gallery, detailed character information, fan fiction, and links

Shikon!: Extensive character profile, seiyuu information and interview, images, song lyrics, parodies, desktop accessories, and links

The Animatrix: Official site for the series. Lists all episodes by title and principal artist. Includes screenshots of each episode as well as a Flash preview

The Inu-Yasha Companion: Comprehensive manga and anime summaries, cover scans, song lyrics, in-depth character pages, including items and locations, FAQ, cultural notes, video games, author biography, interviews, and timeline

Tomobiki-cho: Story history, premise, extensive artist information, character profiles, manga information, summaries and translated scans, anime history and summaries, FAQ, cultural references, articles, art gallery, music, and links



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