Andy Warhol Museum: Located near downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, where he was born and grew up. The Museum features extensive permanent collections of art and archives, special exhibitions including his work

ARC Museum: Offers detailed information on the life of William Bouguereau and includes numerous images of his work

Claude Monet: Features the artist's life, his house and gardens at Giverny, related posters, prints and books. Also provides a list of current and past exhibitions as well as museums worldwide

Edouard Manet's Studio: Image archive, notes about his life, letters, and friends

Marc Chagall at Weinstein Gallery: Information, biography, curriculum vitae, and reviews, with images of many lithographs, paintings, sketches, and original works for sale

Roy Lichtenstein Foundation: The estate of the artist with information about exhibitions of his work

The Digital Michelangelo Project: Home page of a group developing a way to scan Michelangelo's sculptures and represent them digitally in 3 dimensions



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