Christiaan Stange's Dostoevsky Research Station: "An icy sled skidding down a narrow St. Petersburg street." A Dostoevsky resource, including texts, literary criticism, philosophy, biography, and discussion

Gabrielle Roy: Biography, bibliography, articles, awards, and finding aid. From the Library and Archives of Canada

Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama: Literature resource created by Anniina Jokinen (web editor of The Luminarium)

Literary Resources - American (Lynch): Index of literary resources available on the web, focusing on those of interest to scholars. Searchable and organized by period and topic

Margaret Atwood Society: Includes an overview of the Society and an extensive bibliography, as well as links to other resources

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature: Includes images and bibliographical and biographical information on American writers from Anne Bradstreet and Cotton Mather to Langston Hughes and Kurt Vonnegut. The guide has links and study questions



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