Curse of the Ring: J Lopez's site dedicated to the Ring phenomenon. The site covers all the movie releases, books and TV specials and also includes fanworks

Rendition: Official site. Provides film information, trailer, show times, and character profiles

Revolutionary Road: Official movie site. Includes the story, media gallery, photographs, cast, filmmakers, and DVD release information

RoboCop Archive: News, forum, pictures, comics, games, fan art, multimedia, and information database

Rocket Science: Official site. Soundtrack, e-cards, downloads, photos, and videos

Rocky Horror Archives: Offers photos of and detailed information about most Rocky conventions from Denver 1999 onward

Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Fan Site: Resource for fans of the film containing background information, fan club detail, memorabilia and show details

The Film Idea: Rigorous critical analysis of Rashomon and how its visual style reflects its vision and holds the film together



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