Ballroom Complete resources on smooth and Latin dances, swing and hustle. Multimedia instruction, newsletter subscription and partner search classifieds

Career Transition for Dancers: Offers career counseling, scholarships and workshops in New York and Los Angeles for dancers transitioning out of careers as performers

Nrityagram: Gurukul for Indian classical dances, established by Protima Gauri in 199

Odissi - Classical Dance of Orissa: Introduction to the 2000-year-old Odissi dance of eastern India

Renaissance Dance: European dance from the 15th to early 17th centuries. Includes a brief introduction, archives of the Rendance discussion list, links to primary and secondary sources, bibliographies, music and reenactment links, and a directory of teachers, performers, organizations and events

Wikipedia: Contemporary Dance: Article explains Contemporary Dance is the name given to a group of 20th century concert dance forms. Linked articles give the history and definition of Modern Dance, a term also commonly used to describe 20th century concert dance forms



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