Department of Computer Science: Research centres: Advanced virtual reality; Telecommunications and computer-human interaction; Parallel algorithms and architectures. Research groups: Creativity and cognition; Graphics, design and intelligent systems; Interactive mechanisms for process control and communications technology; Information systems engineering; Applicable formal methods

Department of Computer Science: Describes the department, staff and courses

Department of Computer Science: Research Groups: Computer engineering; Theoretical foundations; Computer architecture; Information systems

Department of Computing: Research areas: Distributed software engineering; High-performance informatics; Interactive media; Logic and AI; Software technology and theory. Also hosts On-line Dictionary of Computing and SunSITE archive

Department of Electronics and Computer Science: Research groups: Declarative systems and software engineering; Microelectronics; Parallel and distributed computing; Communications; Image, speech and intelligent systems; Intelligence, agents, multimedia; Electrical power engineering; Electronic systems design

School of Informatics: Research and Teaching in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh. Information on teaching, research, publications and links to research group sites



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