ASUS Eee PC: Official site. Offers product information, news, support and downloads

IBM Corporation: AS/400 home page

IBM Mainframe Servers: IBM home page for current mainframe computer systems, with links to an overview, software, operating systems, networking, I/O connectivity, solutions, news, events, FAQs, support, education and a library of documents

IBM Systems: Official site for IT systems from International Business Machines

Nekochan: An information site for users of SGI's machines. Forums, gallery, and ported software available for download

One Laptop per Child: Non-profit organization offering an inexpensive laptop designed for children in developing countries. How to donate, news and events, FAQ, and community wiki

Silent PC Review: SPCR: Reviews, news, information on quiet, low noise, and/or silent computers and components, silencing methods, DIY modifications, full systems, and their energy efficiency and thermal performance

The Silent PC: Investigates the acoustic aspect of information technology ergonomics and the market for acoustic comfort



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