Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN"): The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the private sector, non-profit corporation created in 1998 to assume responsibility for IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions

Internet Traffic Report: Reports on the current performance of major Internet routes around the world

Net Valley: Explores the history of the Internet. Includes information on significant companies and Silicon Valley history

O'Reilly : What Is Web 2.0: Tim O'Reilly aims to clarify just what is meant by Web 2.0, the term first coined at a conference brainstorming session in 2004. Follow-up articles are linked as well. (September 30, 2005

RFC Editor: Collates Request For Comments documents. Explains the RFC process, and includes a searchable database of RFCs

The Geography of Cyberspace Directory: Directory to aid exploration of the geography of the Internet, the Web and other Cyberspaces

The Trojan Room Coffee Machine: The official site. Includes the final image of the machine being switched off, a non-technical biography, and an audio copy of a 1994 radio report

Traceroute.Org: The biggest list of traceroute, looking glass and route servers from around the world. The reference page for network administrators



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