BeanShell: Small, free, embeddable, source level Java interpreter with object based scripting language features, written in Java. [Open Source, LGPL

J2ME Archive: Bill Day's resource center. Includes emulator/simulator, SDK, and IDE resource lists

JAssistant: Class and package browser for quickly finding a class, its source, methods and fields, and to be able to explore packages. Completion, class homonyms and disassembly may be enabled. [Open Source, LGPL

Java ME at a Glance: Official website to get documentation, downloads, and news

Java Security: News, software, documentation, specifications, FAQs about Java security, by Sun

Java Technology Certification: Starting point for Sun's Java technology certification

JavaWorld: Hands-on, how-to features and columns by Java experts; news; Java applets; sample code; tips

JDBC API: Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API is a standard SQL database access interface. This API provides programmers with universal access to a wide range of relational databases. (Sun



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