Arc Forum: Newbie-friendly community, because all Arc users are new to some extent. User forums with many threads. Open source, Perl Artistic License

Clojure: The official language homepage, with source code, binaries, documentation, community links, news, and wiki

Common Lisp HyperSpec: Full online reference for ANSI Common Lisp

GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual: The official resource for all Elisp questions

LCSI: Logo Computer Systems, Inc.: Makes and supports MicroWorlds products (robotics optional), Enriched Math, My Make Believe Castle, and other education software titles; large project library listed by subject, many Logo links. Founded 1981 by Dr. Seymour Papert. Makes process of creating school projects a rich learning experience, fosters development of problem-solving strategies, critical thinking skills, creativity

Scheme Requests For Implementation: A forum for people interested in coordinating libraries and other extensions of the Scheme language between implementations

The Logo Foundation: A nonprofit educational organization devoted to informing people about Logo and supporting them in their use of Logo-based software and learning environments. A list of Logo software, links and articles



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