A Brief History of Character Codes: A concise history of the development of character encoding in Western and East Asian languages, including ASCII, EBCDIC, Unicode and TRON

Cyrillic (Russian) Instructions for Windows and Internet: Up-to-date tune-up of MS Windows Russian fonts and encoding, phonetic keyboard and its applications such as browsers and e-mail programs. Offers Unicode-related problems and solutions

Fonts In Cyberspace: Guide to finding language fonts on the Internet, containing more than 400 sources for 124 languages

IXA Group for Natural Language Processing: Research activities on Natural Language Processing being carried on at the Computer Science Faculty of the Basque Country University

OmegaT: Free cross-platform computer assisted translation tool. Some of its features include: translation memory, fuzzy matching, and support for glossaries, multi-file projects, translation documents in OpenDocument Format/OpenOffice, HTML, plain text and other formats

Wordfast: Current official homepage of this translation memory and real-time glossary checking macro for Microsoft Office. Includes version history, manual in several languages and CAT tool comparison chart



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