Kernelnewbies: Resource page for the newbie kernel hacker

Laugh Along With GNU: Designed to provide some laughs to the working hackers - large collection of GNU/programming humor

Linmodems support page: A resource site for all types of win/linmodems Linux training portal site with many links, certification information, and a training centre search feature

Linux Australia User Groups: Umbrella Linux user group with comprehensive links to Linux User Groups across Australia

Linux Documentation Project: The LDP has subject-specific help, FAQ, help on individual commands, and documentation guides for Linux

Linux Winmodem Support: The "official" winmodem in Linux site. Acts as a mother site of all linmodem projects

Monolithic Linux on the PCI Power Macintoshes: Powermac/Linux monolithic kernel for PCI based power macintosh computers

MythTV: A PVR with many features

The Big Kiss: Big site for KiSS paperdolls for your computer

The Linux/m68k Pages: Lists resources to run Linux on 68k-based computers; has registry of users doing so, over 2,100

VMware: VMWare allows Windows to run under Linux or Linux under Windows NT/2000 without rebooting. The technology uses virtual machines to allow Windows programs to run as if they were in a Windows environment



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