C64 Scene Database: Searchable online database of the C64 scene maintained by registered users. The goal is to create a historical database of all sceners, releases, groups and events. Also provides scene-related discussion forums

c64.ch: Regularly updated database driven C64 demo collection

C64.com: Huge Commodore 64 game archive with screenshots and downloads

Gamebase64: Windows front-end and game database for the C64 emulators CCS64 and VICE. There's a discussion forum and a disk/tape transfer service too

High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC): Most complete SID tune collection, containing over 35,000 SID files

Remix.Kwed.Org: The biggest C64 remix file repository in the world. Public uploads are allowed and encouraged, though moderated. All downloads are free. The site is maintained by Jan Lund Thomsen



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