Aardwolf: Information on classes, clans, races, features, resources, areas. Also includes a humour and new player guide sections

ATS: Among The Stars TrekMUSH: Offers a fully integrated space system as well as comprehensive economy, skills and hand to hand combat subsystems

Avalon - the Legend Lives: Introduction, news, and information on guilds and history. Site has a direct link to login

Discworld MUD: Based on the Discworld books as written by Terry Pratchett. Features information on guilds, message boards, players, and various documentation

LPC: Documentation resources for LPC, a small, object oriented C-like language developed by Lars Pensjö for LP-MU

Mink: The MUCK Manual: Thorough manual for new players. Covers normal user getting-around commands, building, programming, and administering. Includes plentiful examples, and tutorials on the list editor, puppets, vehicles, and archiving

Smaug: Information on the creators, features. Also includes How-to guides, bug fixes, mailing list and a webring



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