Advance Wars: Official site with PDF manual

Age of Wonders: Official site contains demo, game information, screenshots, and downloads

Atlus: Official site. Story, characters, Zoids, system, screenshots, media, and forum

Civilization III Fanatics' Center: Contains news coverage, strategy, downloads, multiplayer, stories, forums, and galleries

Freeciv: Official site for the free open source code game based on Civ2. Download the game, get news and read the message boards

Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords: Official site. Provides news, screenshots, downloads, and forums

Kings of Chaos: Web-based massively multiplayer strategy game. Players build armies, recruit friends, buy weapons, and spy and attack on each other

Political Machine: Strategy game in which players take on the role of campaign manager for a US Presidential candidate. Offers game information and technical support

Rome Total Realism: Official site contains screenshots, downloads, forums, and links

Rondo of Swords: Official site. Story, world, system, characters, downloads, screenshots, and a forum

Stellar Crisis Room: General resource for the free, interactive web war/strategy game. Includes FAQ, beginner's tutorial, links to active servers, annotated archive of past game maps, build calculators, history of the game, and news about players and servers

Tactics Arena Online: Official website with game information, online game client, player rankings, forum and links

Team17 - Worms: The official website containing news, history, press quotes, and other information Official site, including a clans list, strategies, and downloads



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