Acoustic Neuroma Archive: Informational site by and for acoustic neuroma patients with advice, news, stories, directories and links

ALS Association: Information about this non-profit health organization that is dedicated solely to the fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Lou Gehrigs Disease

Dementia: Overview and fact sheet on dementia from the Merck Medical Manual

Huntington's Disease Society of America: Research, assistance, and education

Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation: Nonprofit organization supporting research and the causes and treatment of IH (pseudotumor cerebri). Information about the condition, patient registry, research news, and links to related sites

MD-List: Mailing list to provide support for people affected by all different forms of Muscular Dystrophy

MS World: For persons with Multiple Sclerosis and those who love them to meet for support and share information. Chats, a library, tech help, member e-mail group, message boards, and magazines

Multi-infarct or Vascular Dementia: Good overview of dementia from strokes or other vascular causes. Maintained by the National Institute of Healt

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Information about diagnosis, treatments, and resources for living with MS

Neuromuscular Disease Center: Review of various muscle, nerve and neuromuscular disorders; links to relevant sites



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