An index of beef and veal recipes, food safety information, cooking tips and hints, from the Wisconsin Beef Council

Mr A large index including homemade cereal, international recipes, baked goods, waffles, scrambles, and healthy breakfasts. Also offers product and food reviews, news and cooking tips

Pickle Recipes: From SOAR, over 300 pickle recipes for all kinds of pickled vegetables and a few fruits. Also includes general information about pickling Provides nutritional information, recipes, cooking tips, and a list of countries in which product is available

RecipeSource Diabetic Recipes: A large collection, split into multiple pages, and indexed by subcategories

Sheep's Creek Farm Lamb Recipes: A selection of recipes, including variety cuts and sausages, and representative of many countries. Also offers photos on a sheep ranch

The International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES): Archived recipes from the newsletter of an organization comprised of more than 4000 sugar artists and cake decorators

The Vegetarian Wheat Meat: Article describes this high-protein meat substitute, identifies commercial mixes and ready-made products, and tells how to make it from scratch. Also includes recipes for seitan-based stew, barbecues, strogonaff, and stir-fry

Viet World Kitchen: Serving information about Vietnamese food, recipes, cooking, communities and culture



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