American Daffodil Society: Gardening and growing tips, descriptions of different varieties, links, photographs; focuses on daffodils in the United States

Annette's Herb Garden: Herbal recipes, information on medicinal herbs, and herbal crafts

North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS): Organization for gardening enthusiasts interested in alpine, saxatile, and low-growing perennials. It encourages the study and cultivation of wildflowers above the treeline or at lower elevations

The American Orchid Society: Designed to offer an online introduction to the art and science of growing orchids, as well as a timely reference

The International Carnivorous Plant Society: Includes news, events, seed bank, conservation information, and photos. Creator of the International Carnivorous Plant Society web ring

Vegetable Gardening @ the Vegetable Patch: Useful site with handy tips on starting a vegetable garden and growing vegetables and fruit



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