Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice: Interdisciplinary field which studies the definition of crime, the causes and control of criminal behavior, and the operation of the criminal justice system. Internships are available with the State of Connecticut's criminal justice agencies

Department of Mathematical Sciences: Offers BA and MA degrees in mathematics and mathematics with specialization in actuarial science, computer systems and software engineering, operations research, and statistics. Concentrations are also offered in mathematics, statistics, and mathematics for physics majors

Department of Modern Languages: Offers the BA degree in French, Spanish, Italian, and German, the MA in Spanish and French, and the MS in Spanish. Courses in literature, civilization, composition and oral expression are integral to all these programs. A major in International Studies with a focus on Russian Studies is also offered

Department of Philosophy: Offers undergraduate majors and concentration programs with reflect the diversity of Western and non-Western thought

Department of Theatre: BA and BFA degrees with specialization in acting, technical theatre, general theatre, and dance are offered. Beyond or in conjunction with course work, students have the opportunity to participate in at least four major campus productions a year plus a Broadway student production in New York City's theatre district

History Department: Areas of specialization include United States, ancient and medieval, medieval and modern Europe, East Asian and Latin American

Music Department: Students majoring in music may pursue a BA in performance, music history and literature, theory/composition or jazz studies



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