Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering: Leads and promotes interdisciplinary research, education and outreach in environmental science, engineering, policy and sustainability

Center for Oral History: Originates, sponsors, and supports projects which emphasize Connecticut's history and development, as well as projects dealing with a wide variety of other subjects, including the University itself

Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis: Nonprofit organization based at the University of Connecticut which provides impartial analysis of the Connecticut economy

Multimedia Language Center: Supports the language learning experience of undergraduate students by providing access to Internet resources, including online international newspapers, magazines and dictionaries, primary historical, literary and cultural documents as well as a variety of authentic multimedia language materials

Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development: Collaborative effort of the University of Connecticut, City University of New York/City College, Stanford University, University of Virginia, Yale University, 52 state and territorial departments of education, over 360 public and private schools, over 167 content area consultants, and stakeholders representing professional organizations, parent groups, and businesses



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