ASH - Action on Smoking and Health: Pressure group and registered UK charity, lobbying for a national programme to tackle the epidemic of tobacco-related diseases. Includes a collection of links and resources

Body Control Pilates: Professional association for instructors with information about the technique and training courses. Instructor search, equipment, books and videos

British National Formulary: Information about this formulary, produced by the British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Includes a fully searchable electronic version of the formulary

Christie Hospital NHS Trust: A cancer information resource, for patients, health professionals and research workers

Macmillan Cancer Support: Charity with information for patients and doctors. Diagnosis and treatment. Counselling and resources. Site can be purchased as a CDROM

Mind The Mental Health Charity: Extensive collection of information about mental health and related topics. Mind is a national UK charity with many regional branches

National Institute for Clinical Excellence: Special Health Authority with the task of systematically appraising health interventions and producing national guidance on effectiveness. Full details of evidence and appraisal process are supplied

NHS Choices: Information on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living

Pilates Foundation: Not for profit organisation founded to create a governing body for Pilates in the UK. Background, classfinder, teacher training, history, development, standards and events

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique: A site maintained by the largest and oldest certifying organisation in the UK. Includes a directory of teachers and information about how to train as a teacher

The British Medical Journal: Full Journal available online

The Reiki Federation: Non-profit organisation founded by Sanjnashakti in 1997, which has connections to the Dr Usui society in Japan



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