Eye on Israel: A detailed clickable atlas of the country with comprehensive information on many sites, settlements, and attractions

Globes: Israeli financial newspaper. Offers information about doing business in the Middle East

Israel Government Portal: A catalog of government resources and public services, including directories, news and information of relevance to specific groups. [Arabic,English,Hebrew

Israel Ministry of Tourism: Israel's official North American tourism web site. Extensive information for all kind of travellers and group leaders

Kibbutz Ketura: Offers information for volunteers, visitors, and potential members about this kibbutz located 50 kms north of Eilat

Kibbutzim Industries Association: Main site for the Kibbutzim industries. Find information about the Kibbutzim and their industries, a database of factories, and investments and business opportunities

Knesset - Member Tzipi Livni: Official profile includes biography, Knesset activities, government roles, and public activities

Prime Minister's Office: Includes prime minister's biography, information about the current and previous governments, description of the office's activities and a press section

Tel Aviv - Yafo Municipality: Official site offering information for residents and visitors. Includes strategic plans, cultural events, social services, businesses, tourism, and leisure. [English/Hebrew/Arabic/Russian

The Kibbutzim Movement: Official site of the umbrella Kibbutz Movement. Includes industrial overview, worldwide contact points for the Kibbutz Program Center (Takam Artzi) which coordinates volunteers, and PDF statistical tables. [English/Hebrew



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