Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Information about agricultural news, policies, regulations, federal agri-food programs, trade, commodity prices, agri-science and technology, officials, and expertise

Canadian Heritage: Advances Canadian culture, celebrates heritage and embraces Canadian identity

Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Features legal and procedural information, news and statistics, and publications and forms for all aspects of Canadian immigration, including independent immigration, family-sponsored immigration, temporary work authorization, NAFTA and GATS work visas, and student and visitor visas

Department of Fisheries and Oceans: Responsible for policies and programs in support of Canada's economic, ecological and scientific interests in the oceans and freshwater fish habitat

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade: Features a directory, online publications, mandate, events listing, and information on a variety of related topics

Department of Justice: Works to ensure that Canada's justice system is as fair, accessible and efficient as possible

Department of National Defence / Canadian Forces: Information about priorities, careers, operations and the various elements of the Canadian Forces

Department of the Solicitor General of Canada: Contains the full text of hundreds of documents, speeches and press releases dealing with policing, corrections, parole and national security

Environment Canada's Green Lane: Science-based government department whose business is helping Canadians live and prosper in an environment that is properly protected and conserved

Finance Canada: Federal department primarily responsible for providing the Government of Canada with analysis and advice on the broad economic and financial affairs of Canada

Health Canada: Encourages the health of Canadians through promotion and prevention activities, and supports the health system through research funding and the support of provincial/territorial health systems

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: INAC has primary responsibility for meeting the federal government?s constitutional, treaty, political and legal responsibilities to First Nations, Inuit and Northerners

Industry Canada: The department's mission is to foster a growing competitive, knowledge-based Canadian economy. The department works with Canadians throughout the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, improve Canada's innovation performance, increase Canada's share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace

Natural Resources Canada: Has a mandate to promote the sustainable development and responsible use of Canada's mineral, energy and forestry resources, and to develop an understanding of Canada's land mass

Office of the Prime Minister: Official site featuring announcements, news releases, and fact sheets. Available in English and French

Public Works and Government Services Canada: Provides essential services, infrastructure and access for Canadians to government

Statistics Canada: Provides economic, social and census data, related publications, news, and education resources

Strategis: Provides business and consumer information to Canadians

Transport Canada: The department develops and administers policies, regulations and services for the transportation system. Information on modes of transport, environment, emergencies and media



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