Democratic National Committee: Offers daily news updates, policy analysis, links, email updates and opportunities to participate in the political process. tel 202-863-800

Democrats Abroad: Official Democratic Party organization for some six million American citizens who live outside the United States. Committees in over 30 countries keep them informed of their rights and help them to participate in the U.S. political process

Green Parties of North America: Based upon Ten Key Values: Social Justice, Community-Based Economics, Nonviolence, Decentralisation, Future Focus / Sustainability, Feminism, Personal and Global Responsibility, Respect for Diversity, Grassroots Democracy, and Ecological Wisdom

Green Party of the United States: An electoral alternative to a two-party system. The party's first priority is value-based politics. Acts to improve the quality of our environment and everyday lives

Libertarian Party: The official homepage of the national Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party - Campus Organizations: Information and resources for campus groups, along with a directory

National Federation of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs: Organization of local social clubs for Republicans. Site lists active clubs, history and purpose, how to organize a new club, national leadership, and conference and special event information

Reform Party USA: Official party site that offers information about issues, news, and links to the state organizations

Republican National Committee: Official Internet home of the Republican National Committee. Updated daily with news and commentary from the RNC

Young Democratic Socialists (DSA): A democratic socialist youth and student organization in the United States. Affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America

Young Democrats of America (YDA): Provides information about how to join chapters, act on current issues, and find upcoming events



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