ACT Government: Entry portal for information and services about Canberra and the region

Australian Bureau of Meteorology: Weather, climate and hydrology services; also details educational projects, publications, and contacts

Australian Government: Entry point for all Australian Commonwealth Government authorised information and services

Australian Libraries Gateway: A service providing access to over 5,100 Australian libraries, their websites, catalogues, resources and services

Chris' Joey Haven: Photographs and stories of baby marsupials, including kangaroos, wallabies and possums, rescued and returned to the wild. Also photographs of Australian outback, opals, Thailand and USA

Discover Tasmania: Official resource for tourists interested in the state. Features activities, accommodation, wineries, what's on, history, information and agriculture

House of Representatives: An overview of the roles, committiees, and publications in the House of Representatives

John Chapman: Bushwalking: Author and self publisher of books and information related to walking in all states and territories

Queensland Government: Includes an online reference guide to the State of Queensland, its system of government, history and other information, as well as links to all government departments

Senate: Information on the Australian Senate and its Senators

V8 Supercars Australia: Race calendar, results, news, details about race teams, photo gallery and technical specifications of the cars



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