All the Virology on the WWW: Links to virology information, collection of virus pictures, virology bookshop, jobs, and course notes

Biospeleology: Illinois Natural History Survey web site. Within caves a diverse biota may be found, exhibiting varying degrees of adaptation to the subterranean environment. Information and links about cave habitats and fauna, as well as cave protection and related topics

Cell: Biweekly publication of exceptional research articles in areas including molecular biology, biochemistry, cancer research, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, plant biology, structural biology and virology

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: List of courses and meetings

DNA From the Beginning: Animated, online textbook which covers the basics of genetic inheritance through methods of DNA analysis, and geared towards those without a scientific background. - from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

ExPASy - Biochemical Pathways: Digitized version of wall charts courtesy Boehringer Mannheim et al, divided into Metabolic Pathways and Cellular and Molecular Processes, maintained by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Geneva, Switzerland

Guarente Lab: Studying the genes regulating ageing. Model organisms include yeast, C. elegans, mice, and humans. Includes a listing of publications and protocols available for download. Located at MIT, Massachusetts

International Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network: Long-term ecological studies to investigate processes operating at long time scales and over broad spatial scales. Promotes synthesis and comparative research across sites and ecosystems. Links to individual sites and international partners - Immunology: Articles on the history of immunology, evolution of the immune system, related organs and humoral immunity, with general emphasis on vertebrates. Written by Kevin J. McElwee, Hessen, Germany

LifeSciencesWorld: Searchable database listings for companies, universities, and events. Includes featured articles, industry news and suggested book readings

Symmetry-breaking and Molecular Evolution: Explores the structural relationship between cosmological symmetry-breaking and the form of molecular evolution leading to biological systems on Earth. It thus forms an alternative to historical hypotheses in which the form of biogenesis is believed to be the product of a linked sequence of specific conditions, bridged by stochastic selection processes

The Bioinformatics Organization, Inc.: Bioinformatics society open to all people. Strong emphasis on open access to biological information as well as Free and Open Source software

The Ensembl Project: Ensembl is a joint project between EMBL-EBI and the Sanger Centre to develop a software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on eukaryotic genomes

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies: The Salk Institute is a private, non-profit, research organization dedicated to fundamental research in biology and its relation to health, studying such challenging problems as the organization and operation of the brain, the control of gene activity, and the molecular origins of cancer, AIDS, and other diseases

The TalkOrigins Archive: Provides a number of essays and articles on various aspects of biology and evolutionary theory

The Why Files: Well-researched, educational descriptions of the actual science behind current news stories. From the University of Wisconsin, supported by the National Institute for Science Education of the NSF



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