Boston College Department of Economics: Statistical Software Components: Collection primarily in the form of Stata modules

CARICOM Secretariat Statistics Sub-Programme: Compiles economic and demographic information from member states, as well as offering technical assistance. Describes methodologies, lists publications, provides online access to key data

EDIRC (Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers): A searchable index of international economics institutions with environmental programs, including Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers

Eurostat - Statistical Office of the European Commission: Provides detailed statistics on the EU and candidate countries, along with various statistical publications. [English/French/German

Ludwig von Mises Institute: Probably the most active Austrian institution today. It has a large range of useful links for the study of Austrian economics, including a large number of working papers, access to the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and the Austrian Economic Review, a large number of classic Austrian e-texts, a comprehensive and themed study guide and information about seminars and scholars conferences. It even has a quiz to see whether you are an Austrian economist

Microcredit Summit Campaign: Conference information, international action plans, and reports on the state of microcredit in the world offered, as well as campaign newsletter, councils database, and related links. Also available in Spanish and French



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