A Web of On-line Grammars: This website contains links to all of the serious if not complete grammars of languages on the Web. It currently contains links to grammars of more than 80 different languages

Center for Applied Linguistics: CAL carries out a wide range of activities including research, teacher education, analysis and dissemination of information, design and development of instructional materials, technical assistance, conference planning, program evaluation, and policy analysis

chomsky.info: Official Noam Chomsky website. Resource site including books, articles, interviews, talks, debates, plus writings about Chomsky

Computational Linguistics FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Computational Linguistics, intended for people not familiar with this field. Originally compiled by Martin Volk, now part of the ACL Wiki

Interactive Sagittal Section: Uses JavaScript to display articulations and IPA transcriptions for consonants

Jim Loy's Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Egyptology Page: Online grammar, dictionary, and fonts for ancient Egyptian

Klingon Language Institute: Nonprofit organization offers language tutorials, related merchandise, mailing list and membership information

List of NLP/CL courses in the ACL Wiki: A list of university courses that contain substantial content in Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. It was derived from a survey sponsored by the Association for Computational Linguistics

Omniglot: Guide to all major alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems. Also includes information on languages and links to other online language resources

Speech Acts: Entry for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, by Kent Bach

Statistical NLP and Corpus-Based Computational Linguistics Resources: Chris Manning's annotated list of resources in the field of statistical natural language processing and the closely related corpus-based computational linguistics. Corpora, treebanks, models, tools/systems, literature, courses and other resources



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