Calendar of Space and Satellite Meetings and Events: Good calendar of meetings, with web links to the meetings. The focus is on space, satellites and satellite communications related events including conferences and training events

Columbia Accident Investigation Board: Features official press releases, events, and other information regarding the ongoing investigation

European Space Agency (ESA): Resource for European launchers, space science, telecommunications, Earth observation, and manned spaceflight. Updated information on launches, spacecraft in orbit, and events

Mars Society Chapters Web Server: Provides overview of different web sites served by the Mars Society

NASA Space Shuttle: The official NASA website. Includes news, reference information, and detailed mission profiles for all missions

NASA: International Space Station: A resource on ISS by NASA. Includes operational news, wide range of background material, archives, image gallery and planned missions

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): News, links, mission schedules, and NASA for kids

PERMANENT: Rapid development of space using material from asteroids near Earth and from the Moon

SpaceShipOne: Features overview of the x-prize entry of the company Scaled Composites. First winner of the prize with photos from the event

Universe Today: Space exploration and astronomy news brought to you from around the Internet, updated daily



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