A Brief History of the Apocalypse: The Future: A timeline of our apocalyptic future if religious-based predictions all come true

Abledata: Searchable database of 19,000 assistive technology products. Site maintained for the National Institute of Disability Rehabilitation Research of the U.S. Department of Education

Anders Transhuman Page: Features an introduction to transhumanism and five detailed topic areas: Individual, Global, Cultural, Technological, and Organizational

Codependence Recovery: Counselor and spiritual teacher's pages on emotional and inner child healing, spirituality, and personal empowerment. Recovery from the disease of Codependence involves stopping the war within us

Crop Circle Connector: Resources and related information including an International database

Crop Circle Research and Scientific Investigations: Interactive, searchable database of formations

Disabilities-R-Us: Features IRC and online web chat, discussion forums, shopping and free web-based e-mail at gimpworld.com

Internet History Sourcebooks Project: A set of collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts, maps, and articles on a wide variety of historical areas and subjects. Compiled by Prof. Paul Halsall at Fordham University

Parline Database: Profiles of national parliaments: General information on (each of) the Parliament's chamber(s), description of the electoral system, results of the most recent elections, information on the presidency of each Chamber, as well as information on the mandate and status of members of Parliament

Renaissance Transgender Association: Based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Includes monthly magazine, resource papers and publications, and information on membership, chapters and affiliates, forming a support group and their speakers bureau

San Francisco Sex Information: Online information and referral switchboard providing anonymous and accurate information about sex

Scarleteen: Comprehensive advice, help and information about sexuality, sexual health and relationships for teens and young adults

Supreme Court Review: 2000-2001 Employment Law Cases: During its 2000-2001 session, the United States Supreme Court decided eleven significant cases involving labor and employment law; individual arbitration agreements, collective bargaining arbitration, caps on damages, ADA, sexual harassment, Title vii, NLRA, taxation, ERISA preemption, and RIC

TGWorld: Online community for the transgenderist. Free homesites and information for the TG community

The Encyclopedia Mythica: On-line encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend, containing definitions of deities, fabulous creatures and places, as well as images and stories

World Wide Web Virtual Library: History: Extensive directory of history resources, sorted into research methods, topics, eras and epochs, and regions. Hosted by European University Institute in Florence, Italy, and maintained with help from researchers at the University of Kansas, US



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