BuddhaNet's Buddhist New Zealand Directory: A listing of all Buddhist activities and organizations in New Zealand

Buddhist Australia Directory: A list maintained by BuddhaNet

Glossary of Pali & Buddhist Terms: Glossary that covers many Pali words and technical Buddhist terms

Himalayan Art: Features over 1500 artworks from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India, China and Mongolia. Art from leading private and museum collections, accompanied by scholarship, cataloging and interpretation

UU Buddhist Fellowship: Since the introduction of the first Buddhist texts to America in the mid-nineteenth century, Buddhism has been as extremely influential force among Unitarians and, over the last thirty years, Unitarian Universalists. In recent years, Unitarian Universalists have increasingly been drawn to explore Buddhist religious practices

Women Active in Buddhism: A collection of links and resources on contemporary Buddhist women, including: teachers, activists, scholars, nuns, lay practitioners, teachings, special events, projects, organisations, bibliographic and contact information



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