Dianetics: Official site. Information on the book and lectures, and a related video. Also a description of Dianetics services and directory of centers worldwide

Free Zone Association: Multilingual site of international association which grew from Ron's Orgs established by Capt. Bill Robertson. Promotes the philosophy and technology of L. Ron Hubbard. Statutes, history, summary of the philosophy of Scientology

ICAUSE: International Church of Universal Spiritual Enlightenment. Freezone standard scientology delivery group home page. Believes the church strayed from L. Ron Hubbards original teachings. Offers training, information, links, discussion groups for those wishing the gains of Scientology outside of the church. Accepts those whom the church refuses

L. Ron Hubbard: Biographical web site featuring excerpts of his lectures in RealAudio. Online version of the Ron Series

Scientology: The official site of the Church of Scientology. Offers video and audio presentations, as well as virtual tours of churches



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