All Japan Kendo Federation: The leading organization for Kendo in the world. Features latest news, calendar, concepts, seminars and books and videos. [Japanese/English Contains information about history, ethical backgrounds and techniques. Information about ITF and WTF, Korean terms and links to other martial arts pages

Eskrima Digest Mailing List: E-mail discussion group for all Filipino martial arts. Includes searchable back issues, FAQ, links, and general information

Genbukan / KJJR International Headquarters: Home site of the Genbukan and Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei. History of the Genbukan, KJJR and Ninpo, online store, discussion areas, technique area, and contact point for the home dojo in Japan. [English/Japanese

Hwa Rang Do West Coast Headquarters: Provides an overview of the art and its aspects, with a large library of video clips and articles. Also includes discussion forum for students, black belts, and school owners

Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters: Official site for governing organization of Hwa Rang Do. Includes detailed history, philosophy, and concepts, as well as all certified academies and black belts

Journal of Western Martial Arts: An online journal providing a collection of papers, articles, submissions and periodicals that pertain to western martial arts. This journal covers historical martial arts including, but not limited to medieval, Renaissance and classical martial arts

KickStart: An organization and program, founded by Chuck Norris, that encourages students to resolve conflict productively, avoid participating in gangs, choose drug-free lifestyles, and remain in high school until they graduate. Contains details on how to join, mission statement, list of participating schools, and related information

Meishin Kyudojo: Illustrated FAQs with information drawn from the author's book plus further reading, addresses, and links

Wokingham Karate Academy: The club teaches Okinawan Goju-Ryu under the leadership of Leonard Sim, 6th Dan, in Berkshire, England

World Tang Soo Do Association: General information, regional listings, studio profile, master profile, events, membership and FAQs



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