AAUGH.com Peanuts Book Guide: A guide to the hundreds of books devoted to Charles M. Schulz and his characters

Dilbert Zone: Official site of the Dilbert comic strip featuring Scott Adam's daily cartoon. Also includes Dogbert's anti-career zone, a one-month Dilbert archive, the Dilbert Newsletter, and merchandise

For Better or For Worse: Official site: Archives, books, and latest installments

Foxtrot by Bill Amend: Official website of the comic strip. Features today's comic and merchandise for sale

Garfield: The official web site for Garfield and Friends. Jim Davis' feline sensation has an appropriately huge website, with an online catalog, fan club information, news, and a strip archive

Sluggy Freelance: Daily online comic by Pete Abrams about aliens, demons, dating, and bunnies with switchblades. Also color Sunday episodes, weekly overviews and animated gifs

The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation: Offers resources including a 1995 radio show from CBC Canada where fans discuss the ending of the comic strip



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