Alastair Reynolds - Science and Fiction: The author's own web site. Contains biography, news column, photographs and information about published writings

C. J. Cherryh's World: Website by the author herself. Newsletter, current projects, calendar of appearances, art, her universes, biography, bibliography, chronology, reading samples, FAQ, opinions, and autographed books

David Drake's Official Homepage: Drake's own site. Biography, booklist (with Drake's own comments), publication and appearances schedule, FAQ and question submission form

Frederik Pohl: The website maintained by the veteran science fiction author includes a biography, bibliography and events Official site of editor John F. Carr's sequels to "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen"

Ian Watson: The official site for the British science fiction author provides a biography, bibliography, news, quotations from reviews and some poetry

James Tiptree, Jr. Award: Official site of the Award, which is given to the work of science fiction or fantasy published in one year which best explores or expands gender roles

John Varley: John Varley's official Website. Has some stories, latest news, biography and bibliography

Nicola Griffith: Author's own site. Includes information on her books, Stay, Slow River, The Blue Place, and Ammonite; audio excerpts (in MP3 format;) articles and interviews; and Ask Nicola for queries from readers

SFF on McIntyre: Author maintained site with news, bibliography, biography and excerpts

Spider Robinson: Spider's official site with weblog, details of upcoming appearances, biography, and new and existing novels

Tad Williams: Official publisher-maintained site with biography, bibliography, and excerpts from the Otherland series

Vernor Vinge, Online Prophet: Salon magazine's take on the impact of Vinge's fiction on SF

Wil McCarthy's Old Time Science Bar: Author maintained site with bibliography, biography and samples



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