Fuel Cells 2000: Fuel Cells 2000 is a non-profit project which provides educational information on fuel cells to the public, the media, and policy makers. In English and Spanish

Geothermal Education Office: Education-related. Includes worldwide geothermal resources map, an energy scrapbook, and classroom materials

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Photovoltaic Research: U.S. Department of Energy. Research and development, and information source on photovoltaics. Website includes a virtual library of online reference materials and photographs on photovoltaic technology, educational materials, links to commercial suppliers and other web resources

Stirling Engine: Comprehensive information resource about the technology. Includes history, basics, models, plans, gallery, links, and an overview of a rotary displacer engine. [English, Japanese

The Solar Cooking World Network: Information, pictures, links and many plans for building different kinds of solar ovens



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