Burning Issues: Research and data on wood smoke pollution and combustion particulates. Research shows that 60,000 people in the US die each year from smoke pollution. Site chosen by the BBC Education Directory for excellence in the information presented

GLOBE at Night: An international citizen scientist project to measure the degree of light pollution all around the world using the human eye. Contains star charts corresponding to different light pollution levels, and allows visitors to download a map of past observations in their area

House of Commons: Science and Technology Seventh Report: Light Pollution and Astronomy: A report, published by Parliament in 2003, outlining what action needs to be taken by all levels of government to regulate photopollution. [Also available in PDF at ./747.pdf .

International Dark-Sky Association (IDA): A non-profit member organization that teaches others how to preserve the night sky through factsheets, law references, pictures, and web resources

Linkages - Climate and Atmosphere: From the Canada-based International Institute for Sustainable Development Reporting Services team. Features media reports, list of key publications, and coverage of a variety of climate change meetings, including daily highlights and photos

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse: An information resource with online database. Campaigns on specific noise issues and distributes "Quiet Zone" newsletter. Offers CD demonstrating worst noise offenders. Often quoted by major media

Renewable Energy - Alternative Consumption and the consumption of alternatives: An expose of the fantasy world of "sustainable development", showing how current levels of consumption are not sustainable no matter what alternatives are consumed

The Noise Consultancy, LLC: Noise consulting services to municipalities, industry and impacted residents, including: sound studies; ordinance development; enforcement issues; acoustical modeling; planning and zoning; impact statements; private and public nuisance advocacy

World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Uranium Project: Health and environmental impacts of the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle. News, maps and resources on uranium mining, milling and depleted uranium



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