Android: Official site provides information for users, developers and partners. Includes press releases, videos, screenshots and downloads

Android Developers: Official site provides the SDK, Developer's Guide, Reference, and Android Market for the open source project. Includes announcements, videos, blog and resources

Arca Noae: OS/2 software and support. "Blue Lion" updated release of OS/2

CaDD Electronics: Makers of the PC99 emulator as well as the Cyc - an extensive directory of TI-99/4A information. PC99 & Cyc ordering information, TI-99/4A Module/Disk lists, and online manuals

eComStation: An operating system which runs OS/2 applications. Includes support pages, user and developer communities, and a list of retailers offering the system. eComStation 2.2 now in Beta

Firefox OS: Official page of the operating system, presenting all its features

GNU GRUB: Multiboot boot loader derived from GRUB, GRand Unified Bootloader. Includes development information, download and developers wiki

Google Play: The primary source of Android apps, which also offers digital media. Requires a Google Account

Hobbes OS/2 Archive: World's largest OS/2 shareware site

I Want NetWare: Website intended to demonstrate and evangelize the claimed excellence of Novell Netware products. Provides background information and supporting evidence for this claim with side by side comparisons with competing products

MainByte's Home of the TI-99/4A: Manuals, Graphics, photos, pinouts, and general information about the TI-99/4

Microsoft Windows Family Home Page: Offers information about Windows products and technologies Multics was the acronym for "Multiplexed Information and Computing Service" - a mainframe timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and used up until 2000. Although this was the immediate forerunner of the Unix operating system, it was also in many ways its antithesis

Open Handset Alliance: Alliance of technology and mobile companies which developed Android. Includes videos and information for developers

Open webOS: Official home page of the Open webOS Project. Includes documentation and blog

Operating Systems for IBM Mainframe Servers: IBM starting point for mainframe OSs. Links to home page of each OS, with brief descriptions: z/OS, z/OS.e, Linux on zSeries, z/VM, TPF and z/VSE

Safari: Apple's browser. Includes description of features

Sailfish: Information on technology, architecture, the Sailfish Alliance and license

Syllable: Official home of high performance, desktop operating system, updated fork of AtheOS. Goal: reliable, intuitive, easy to use, powerful, for home, small office users. Descriptions, development, FAQs, forums, mail lists, news archive, screenshots. Open Source, GPL

The UNIX and Linux Forums: System administration, shell programming and scripting, hardware and software issues

THEOS Software Corp.: Multi-user, 32-bit OS, mainly for business. Many add-on features available: multi-user DOS/Windows and TCP/IP support for setting up web servers. Since its start in the late 1970s as OASIS, it has steadily improved and added options while keeping its user friendly status

TinyOS: Event-based operating environment/framework designed for use with embedded networked sensors, to support concurrency intense operations needed by sensor networks, with minimal hardware requirements. Documents, news, publications, slide shows, forum, downloads. [Open Source, BSD

Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education: A 'virtual' UG providing OS/2 specific articles, assistance, insight and promotion

VMS Software, Inc: The developer of OpenVMS operating system. Product information, FAQs and online documentation for OpenVMS

Western Horizon Technologies: HUGE 99/4A and related file site. This FTP has become the central file storage area for 99er's. Includes scanned document versions of all Micropendium magazines

XFree86: X implementation for Intel x86-based platforms



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