A Collection of Modelling and Simulation Resources on the Internet: A collection of links to various software tools and libraries for simulation

International Standard Date and Time Notation: by Markus Kuhn - An introduction to ISO 8601, the YYYY-MM-DD date and the 24-hour time notation, with notes on week numbers and on implementation

LIMSource: LIMS and lab data management system informatio

Office of Human Resources - National Academies: Career planning resources for entry-level (beginning) scientists and engineers

Physics and Science Reference by PhysLINK.com: Includes physical constants, online unit conversions, periodic table of elements, exact time, fundamental physical formulae and equations

The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive: An archive of Velikovsky's unpublished writings, maintained by a team of historians. Includes an autobiography, lectures, essays, correspondence, a downloadable documentary video, psychoanalytic papers, and articles about earth events and catastrophes

The Society For Computer Simulation International: International, multidisciplinary forum dedicated to research, development and applications of simulation

The Voynich Manuscript: Rene Zandbergen outlines the history, and presents illustrations and analysis of text and characters

U.S. National Academies: The National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine, "advisors to the nation.

Virtual Library: Science: Directory of the Virtual Library, an expert-run catalog of sections of the web, which is particularly strong in science topics

Whyville: A free website dedicated to learning through exploration and communication

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Science Fairs: International, national, regional, local and virtual science fairs

Xerox Palo Alto Research Center: Developers of personal distributed computing, graphical user interfaces, the first commercial mouse, bit-mapped displays, Ethernet, client/server architecture, object-oriented programming, laser printing and many of the basic protocols of the Internet



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