12 Monkeys FAQ: A list of plot questions, with detailed answers

Cloudmakers: Guide to the game, with articles, step by step solutions and links to media coverage of the phenomenon. Includes archives of the game's sites

Deadites Online: Contains recent news related to the series of films, biographical information and multimedia downloads

Equilibrium Fansite: Fan site with information, downloads, images, wallpapers, fan fiction, message board, news, and links

Fool's Gold: Official site. Story, downloads, video, photos, facts, and a contest

Holes: Official site by Walt Disney Pictures. Includes cast and crew, trailer and behind the scenes

Kolya - Nitrate Online Review: Review with a lot of insight

Mission Impossible 2: Paramount's official multilingual site includes trailers in Quicktime format

Monsoon Wedding: Official site featuring synopsis, character details, images, news and distribution contact details

Nightmare On Elm Street: Official site. Features the interactive Freddy, a photo gallery, screen saver, interviews, and a store

Ocean's 11: Official movie site. Cast and character biographies and images, trailer, crew biographies and photographs, soundtrack information, and multimedia

Official Over Her Dead Body: Official site. Information, trailers, cast list, photo gallery, and downloads

Official site: Wild Wild West: Plot and character information, images and content on special effects, costumes and other aspects of the production

Official UltraViolet Website: Sony Picture's official site for the film

Sony Pictures: Official site. Character profiles, synopsis, cast list, games, downloads, videos, and an image gallery

The Godfather Trilogy: The original (unofficial) Corleone home since 1995. Features sights, sounds, trivia, transcripts, wallpaper, and interaction with padrinophiles around the world

The Official Harry Potter Site: Information and news from Warner Bros. Also includes fan community, desktop downloads, postcards, and movie merchandise

The Wizard of Oz: Movie trailer, photograph gallery, games, and information about the movie

Uptown Girls Official Site: Features movie trailer, character info, pictures, and plot summary

Warner Bros: Grind: Official site offers information, photograph gallery, production notes, and trailer

You've Got Mail: Official site with information about the cast, characters, film makers with downloads, screensavers and icons



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